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We are committed to securing our client’s wellness and safety at all times.

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IHS w/o Training

We provide you with the right level of home support.

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IHSwith Training

We help you maintain your independence at home.

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IHSwith Family Training

We provide family members with the training they need.

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AMA Health LLC

We have what you need for your convenience, anytime and anywhere. At AMA Health LLC, we provide compassionate and client-centered care and assistance to our valued clients, empowering their safety and health at all times. Our array of care services allows us to make things easier for them, saving both time and effort, and giving peace of mind to their loved ones.

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Our Commitment

To provide people with disabilities with care services and assistance that make them feel part of the community and not different from others. We keep in mind that everyone is different and needs a person-centered approach to their care. We promise every care given under our watch will be done with care and compassion.

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